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Laurie Buchanan

SuperStar Consultant


My Story

 This is a very personal story, I lost my mom to cancer  and I was completely lost, I had changed jobs, started to think about what other avenues were open to bring my back into the world,  a friend mentioned that he had found this amazing new product and signed up to be a consultant, now being  a candle person and loving scents , I was very excited to hear about this new opportunity in Canada called Scentsy, I ordered my kit, November 2010, and I have not looked back , I am in love with this product from the scents to the warmer and buddies, it really has propelled me back into life and I am loving every minute of it .Scentsy has put alot of fun back into my world , and if I can help  you create a special memory through scent ,lets do it,  lets infuse your surroundings with fragrance and discover the difference between ordinary and extraordinary with the little extra's we add,  I am so excited to help you in the process, just let me know what we can do together.


My Favourite Scents